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More than 80 thousand people participated in the Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship Development Program since the beginning of this year

by April 10, 2017 General

This was reported by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Tamara Duissenova at the regular Government chaired by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

Since 2017, Kazakhstan is implementing the Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship Development Program, which provides for mass training and skills development in demanded professions and business basics, creation of conditions for mass entrepreneurship through lending, labor market development via assistance in employment and support of labor mobility.

As of April 5, 80 thousand people participated in the Program, of which 75 thousand are unemployed (94%), 5 thousand are self-employed (6%). Within the framework of implementing the Program, 48 thousand citizens are already employed. 31 thousand more are employed via employment centers at free vacancies available from employers, � T. Duissenova said.

This year it is planned to provide technical and vocational education to more than 21 thousand young Kazakhstanis. At the same time, the State will pay for their education, pay a scholarship, reimburse travel and accommodations expenses, and provide one-time hot meals. Education will be conducted in such specialties as an electric welder, cook, repairman, electrician, veterinarian, accountant, electrician, fitter, seamstress, and others. In addition, since April 1 this year, on the basis of colleges, training centers of NCE Atameken, training centers of enterprises, 650 people are already studying at short-term courses.

As the minister noted, 5 regions will see the testing of pilot short-term professional training via mobile training centers. In general, 26 thousand Kazakhstanis are planned to be provided with such training. 11.6 billion tenge was allocated for the implementation of the first direction of the program.

Lending for the participants of the program in the cities will be issued by Damu, and in villages and small towns � by the Agricultural Support Fund and the Agrarian Credit Corporation. The amount of provided loans is increased to 8,000 MCI (18 million tenge) with a term of up to 5 years (livestock and agricultural cooperatives – up to 7 years) and annual rates of up to 6%. In addition, in order to expand lending accessibility, the number of documents required for their receipt by individuals is reduced from 30 to 14, and by legal entities to 9 documents.

38.5 billion tenge is provided for implementing the second direction of the program this year. This year it is planned to issue 5.8 thousand micro-loans and train 15 thousand people in the basics of entrepreneurship.

According to T. Duissenova, within the framework of the third direction it is planned to provide employment in social workplaces for 11.3 thousand people, in youth apprenticeship � 12.7 thousand graduates, in public workplaces � 76.2 thousand people. Subsidies for the relocation of 2.8 thousand people are provided. 9 billion tenge is allocated for implementing the third direction of the Program.

Since the beginning of this year, 12.4 thousand people were employed in social workplaces, more than 28.1 thousand citizens were directed to public works, and 7.6 thousand young specialists participate in youth apprenticeship.

In general, 85.3 billion tenge is allocated for implementing the Program in 2017, � T. Duissenova concluded.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan