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KTZ NCJSC held an extended meeting on compliance with safety measures on the railway.

The event was attended by representatives of state and law enforcement agencies.

The meeting reviewed the implementation of the Roadmap to reduce the number of cases of collisions with people and livestock, accidents, theft and gatherings of rolling stock on access roads for 2018-2019.

In the first quarter of 2019, locomotive crews applied more than 600 emergency brakes due to the exit of strangers and exits of cars to railway crossings in spite of prohibiting signals.

For prevention of accidents on the railroad the complex of organizational preventive actions for protection of life and health of citizens is carried out.

On a regular basis, preventive work is carried out with locomotive crews to prevent accidents at railway transport facilities.

Together with employees of the transport Prosecutor’s office and Militarized Railway Guard JSC conducted more than 80 raids, explanatory talks about the dangers and rules of being on the Railways, covering about 20 thousand people. More than 700 interviews and videos on the rules of staying on the railway tracks were organized in educational institutions and enterprises.

However, joint efforts do not always yield the expected results.

Despite the work carried out to prevent the exit of third parties to the high-risk zone and crossing the railway tracks, 10 cases of hitting people were allowed. The main causes of injury of victims were crossing of railway tracks in the unidentified places, finding on objects of railway transport in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

In the center of special attention of railway workers there is a question of arrival of the railway rolling stock on neglected livestock. For three months of the current year 56 cases were admitted.

The participants of the meeting noted the need to toughen administrative and criminal liability to persons who are responsible for traffic safety violations, road accidents, for passing on the railway tracks in unknown places, grazing in the exclusion strip of Railways.

It was also proposed to apply to the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan with a request to include in the school curriculum on the subject “Fundamentals of life safety” topics on the safe location of children in the infrastructure of railway transport.

Source: Kazakhstan Temir Zholy