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This year, since the beginning of the year (January-February), 1.7 mln. or 15 thousand square meters of housing was commissioned. The Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan, Roman Sklyar, informed at the session of the Government. According to him, KZT 32.8 bln was allocated from the republican budget for the construction of rental housing without the right to purchase. tenge. It is planned to build about 4.5 thousand apartments (230.1 thousand square meters ) .

“In order to implement the President’s instructions given at the XVIII congress of the” Nur Otan “party, budget allocation for the construction and acquisition of rental housing for families with large families will be $ 50 billion. tenge. For the last 7 years, this event has cost $ 350 billion. tenge. This will allow annually provide families with more than 6,000 children. It means that more than 40 thousand apartments will be allocated in 7 years “, said the Minister.

To date, $ 25 billion. A list of construction projects has been made. For the purchase of finished flats, 25 bln. tenge. This will facilitate the solution of housing problems of large families.

“In the Turkestan region 4 832 large families are on the queue (28126 large families). In this regard, KZT 8.6 billion is allocated to the region. 4.3 billion tenge from these funds. KZT 4.3 bln was allocated for construction works. The apartment is ready for purchase. The limit for the 342 families in North Kazakhstan region is 700 million tenge, “said Roman Sklyar.

Besides, KZT 7.2 bln was allocated for the construction of 1 thousand rental apartments for youth working in Astana, Almaty and Shymkent in 2019 as part of implementation of the President’s instructions given at the opening of the “Year of Youth”. tenge. Thus, for young specialists in construction of 3 thousand apartments for 3 years is 21.6 billion tenge. tenge.

In terms of credit housing this year akimats allocated KZT 108.8 bln for the construction of 11 719 apartments (740 thousand sq m), 690.1 thousand sq. M. tenge. By the end of the first quarter, tenge, including KZT 30.7 bln. The funds attracted by akimats. In addition, the Housing Construction Savings Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, through the Housing Construction Savings Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, provides for the implementation of the instructions given by the Head of the State at the congress of the “Nur Otan” Party, with families with many children, orphans with disabilities or those bringing up children with disabilities and a non-partial parent annual rate of up to 20 years with an initial contribution of 10% It is recommended to introduce a 2% discount crediting system.

“The first installment is available for housing certificates. For the implementation of this mechanism within 3 years, it is planned to allocate about $ 50 billion annually. From KZT 150 bln. tenge will be needed. Annually, it is planned to allocate 6 thousand loans, and purchase of 2 thousand apartments by akimats. Loans will be provided to 56 thousand families with more than 25 years due to 3-fold turnover, “the Minister explained. According to the information of the Head of the Ministry of the RoK, the program “7-20-25” involves the population with solvency, whereas for the social sphere and the employees of the budgetary organizations the product of Housing Construction Savings Bank is prevailing. The number of depositors reached 1.3 million, with a savings of 624.2 billion. tenge. These measures encouraged not only bank clients, but also private developers to participate in the “Nurly Zher” program. Today, individual developers have provided 94 projects worth 71.7 billion tenge. 74 projects worth 60.9 billion tenge have been approved since the program (2017 – KZT 30.1 billion, 2018 – 28.5 billion tenge, 2019 – 2.3 billion tenge ). 220.6 thousand square meters of housing was commissioned (2017 – 62.6 thousand square meters, in 2018 – 158 thousand square meters). It is planned to build 160 thousand square meters of housing this year.

Source: Ministry of investments and Developments