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More than 23K Kostanay people covered by measures to promote employment

by March 9, 2017 World Sports

More than 23 thousand residents of Kostanay region are covered by the measures to promote employment in 2016, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan reported.

In 2016, 23.1 thousand unemployed (19.4 thousand people) and unproductive workers (3.7 thousand people) were covered by the measures of the state support in Kostanai region in the framework of the Regional Comprehensive Plan to Promote Employment of the Population.

Of them, 2 thousand 909 people are employed for projects implemented within the framework of the state and government programs, programs for the development of regions. 1 thousand 571 people were sent to the social workplaces, to the youth practice – 692 people, to the public works – 3 thousand 999 people.

In addition, 676 people were sent to the vocational training, 150 of them were sent for training of entrepreneurship basic.

Also, it is worth noting that 12,872 Kostanay citizens were employed without applying the state support measures, 188 persons were employed independently.

In addition, 577 people received microcredits to open or expand their own businesses.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050