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Friday, September 17th, 2021

More than 1.5K Astana residents to be trained in 2017

by January 6, 2017 Market

In 2017, it is planned to implement a new program for the development of productive employment and mass business, providestechnical and vocational education, as well as short-term vocational training.

This program replaces the current Employment Roadmap – 2020. As part of the new direction, it is planned to train 1550 people in accordance with the demand of the labor market, as well as to cover 2 780 people the social workplaces, youth practice and social work.

In 2016, the Center of employment of the population of Astana akimat received 14 010 people, 10,496 of them were covered with social support measures against unemployment, which is 75% of the total number of citizens who applied for assistance in finding employment.

So, in the course of social support 7628 people have been employed, of which 661 – have been directed at youth practice, 121 – provided with social jobs. However, applicants were given community service, the possibility of vocational training courses, retraining and advanced training. Total, the capital created around 19 million new jobs, including more than 14 thousand in the sphere of small business.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050