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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

MNE RK: Elements of “Modernization 3.0” are being introduced into the work of the Committee of Statistics


In Kazakhstan, a growing number of economic relations are built on the use of digital technologies and the Internet. For example, among Kazakhstanis the number of mobile communication users has reached 97%, Internet users – 77%.

“More and more purchases are made through the Internet, more people are watching online movies, reading e-books, downloading various applications for smartphones” – said Ruslan Dalenov.

The digital economy, he said, has become a global trend, which will affect the work on statistics. The calculation methodology will be improved on the basis of modern international practice, and a new section “Modernization 3.0” will be opened on the website of the Committee of Statistics.

For explanatory work, examples of indicators calculation and output will be published. In addition, new sections will be opened on the website of the Committee of Statistics, for example, the population counter, where in a few seconds it will be possible to find out how the number of citizens of Kazakhstan is changing.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan