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MNE RK: average salary rate increased by 140,4k tenge

by July 18, 2017 Fun

From the beginning of the year the slowing of inflation against the exhaustion of the effect from the strengthening of tenge noted, thus, the annual inflation decreased by 9,8% to 7,5%. During the period from January to June the average salary in the nominal terms increases by 1,9% to 140,8 thousand tenge. The unemployment level remained the same at 4,9% level in June of the present year, – the Minister said.

Besides, the credits for June 1 of the present year comparing to the given date of 2016 increases by 1,4% (to 12,6 trillion tenge).

The banks increased the approvals of credits for short and long terms in the national currency for the non-bank legal persons and individuals, and decreased their approvals in foreign currency, this measure is partly decreases the devaluation risks for banks and debtors, Timur Suleimenov said.

According to the message of the Head of Ministry, the number of deposits increased by 7,3% to 17,7 trillion tenge comparing to June 1, 2016.

The international reserves of the country as at July 1 of the present year, including the assets of the National Fund accounting to 62,1 biilion dollars, during the first half year of 2017 increased by 1,9% and comprised 92,4 billion dollars, he noted.

We note, during the session of the Government the Head of the Ministry of national economy of the RK Timur Sulimenov said that during six months of the present year GDP of Kazakhstan increased by 4,2%.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050