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MNE of Kazakhstan named 5 innovations of “Nurly zher” program to improve the living conditions of Kazakhstanis

by October 26, 2016 Key Issues

M. Zhaiymbetov informed that the number of those in need of better housing conditions has increased due to the positive situation in the sphere of housing construction. So, as of September 1 of the current year, the number of those in need was about 2 million people, where more than 400 thousand – on the waiting list, more than 700 thousand – Zhilstroysberbank depositors, 1.2 million people – on the waiting list to receive 10 acres of land.

On behalf of the Head of State, new housing program “Nurly zher” is under completely development to solve the housing problems of such a large number of people. The main goal of the program is to move to direct financing of housing construction in the development of mortgage lending and to stimulate private developers.

“The priority areas of the program are: first, to stimulate demand among the population, through the issuance of available BWI mortgage loans for housing, including for individual housing construction; secondly, to promote proposals to the population through the issuance of available loans to developers for housing; Thirdly, to increase the volume of housing credit construction on a revolving basis for Zhilstroysberbank depositors, fourthly, to create rental housing fund for the most vulnerable segments of the population and increase labor mobility; and fifthly, to develop individual housing construction by providing land free state with infrastructure,” M. Zhaiymbetov said.

According to him, the number of Zhilstroysberbank depositors increased from 430 to 709 thousand people in comparison with the year 2014. On behalf of the Head of State, the payment of 316 thousand has been made to investors to maintain liquidity accumulation in Zhilstroysberbank system.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan