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Mirus Kurmashev on prospects of Astana Hub: A new generation of IT specialists is ready to create innovations

by November 7, 2018 Fun

According to the specialist, just a year ago, the Head of State visited the exhibition of startups and inspired a large number of young innovators to new projects and discoveries. Beginners received a lot of energy and decided to actively engage in the IT development in Kazakhstan.

At that exhibition you unexpectedly turned around and said that this is our task and our future. We were very enthusiastic, energized, and then took the initiative and went to the regions, to other cities. We wanted to convey your promise, your vision of absolute innovations to other IT specialists. Meeting with schoolchildren, students, young people, we always tell them that if you have a good idea and a desire to work, then in our country there are all opportunities to fulfill the Kazakhstani dream of an IT person. Today, a new generation, a new wave of IT specialists mobilized and ready to create new innovations, said Kurmashev.

He noted that in some moments he had to face difficulties, but the support of the President of the country always helped to move forward towards his goal.

We were in other countries, watched other technology parks. We visited Belarus, Russia, Turkey, Singapore, and what we have, that unique ecosystem that is completely built around the Astana Hub, does not exist anywhere else. A few years ago it was very fashionable among young guys to leave for Silicon Valley and work for Google or Youtube. We were there too and met our compatriots, who, having learned what we were doing in our country in the framework of the Digital Kazakhstan program, came back, said a representative of the Kazakhstani IT community.

According to him, young people from all over Kazakhstan are going to Astana Hub to work together, where each specialist can share his experience and most importantly create a competitive environment.

We at Astana Hub are not because there is a big office or a beautiful interior, but because there is a high concentration of ambitious people, new ideas, new discoveries, new opportunities, new meetings with investors, with ventures, with government officials. We all meet here and it turns out that this new youth comes on our heels, and we cannot relax. There was a healthy competition, but despite this we are all one big solid IT team under a single flag of Kazakhstan, he said.

Kurmashev stressed that it is important for an IT specialist to do something useful for his country and for his society, and also to achieve recognition in the global IT community.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan