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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Ministry of National Economy: Salaries of 643 thousand workers to be increased by 30%


According to the ministry, wages to employees in other areas and technical staff will increase by 30%. These are 643,407 employees including social workers, librarians, foresters, veterinarians, clerks, janitors, technicians, etc.

If the average salary was 69 thousand tenge now it will become 90 thousand tenge. Additional demand will be 459.5 billion tenge, including in 2019 � 90.7 billion tenge, the minister said.

Meanwhile, the salary increase will affect 78 thousand administrative civil servants. These are local workers: experts, leading experts, chief specialists. They work in the regions, districts, villages. The average increase will be 25%.

The average salary of the chief specialist, if earlier was 84 thousand tenge, now it will be 100 thousand tenge. Additional demand will amount to 76.5 billion tenge, including 15.3 billion tenge for 2019, said Dalenov.

In addition, according to the Minister of National Economy, 10 billion tenge per year will be allocated for the development of mono and small cities, which will ensure the construction or reconstruction of 100 engineering and communications infrastructure projects in mono and small cities.

For the development of promising villages, the special project ‘Aul � El Besigi’ will be financed. About 90 billion tenge over 3 years will be allocated for it. Almost 1.5 thousand promising villages will be covered. The potential of the villages is determined taking into account the size, location, development potential, etc., Dalenov added.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan