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Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population: Family with four or more children is legally recognized as a large family


According to the Code On Marriage and the Family, a family with four or more children is recognized as a large family.

A large family is a family that has four or more minor children living together, including children in full-time education in secondary, technical and vocational organizations, post-secondary, higher and (or) post-graduate education, after they reach adulthood before the time of graduation of educational organizations (but no older than 23).

At the same time, Saparbayev recalled that from April 1, 2019, in Kazakhstan, not only large families, but also all poor families whose income for each family member does not exceed 70% can apply for targeted social assistance from the subsistence minimum.

He also stressed that no additional restrictions will apply for citizens to receive the assistance.

As for the reports that there are various reasons for refusing the appointment, what is necessary for such families, they will receive it. There are certain standards for income and expenses; local executive bodies are counting on whether there is income from personal subsidiary farming or not. The commission decides whether the family has income or not, whether to take it into account or not. In addition, to address the various emerging issues not only on the assistance, but also on other social issues, we put our employees in the Employment Centers, who give the necessary advice and clarification to citizens, said the minister.

Saparbayev also reported on additional measures to support low-income families. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, together with local executive bodies, defines 11 types of social services to assist citizens in need. This is a single social package, which includes providing students in grades 1-4 with free hot meals, preferential travel in public transport, free rest in children’s camps, improving housing conditions through housing savings, providing school uniforms, textbooks and accessories and much more.

Detailed information on the purpose of targeted social assistance and the provision of other types of benefits can be obtained at employment centers, departments of coordination of employment and social programs, akimats, as well as contacting the toll-free number of the 111 call-center.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan