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Ministry of Internal Affairs calls for vigilance and caution during the beach season

by May 28, 2018 General

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Ilyin has reported on the state of preparedness for the swimming season and measures to prevent the drowning of people in the country’s water bodies during a briefing in the Government press center.

According to the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, 121 urban and 569 private beaches have been designated for swimming in Kazakhstan in the current year. As of May 28, local police services conducted 627 patrols and raids in recreation areas near water sources and 568 on natural beaches, during which 21 people were held administratively liable.

Yury Ilyin urged Kazakhstanis to be vigilant and careful during the beach season.

Unfortunately, during this new swimming season, we are witnessing the death of people on water bodies. This is due not only to swimming. This is due to fishing, adults leaving children unattended, which leads to tragic consequences. To date, 28 people have died in the country, 11 of them children. For comparison, last year during the same period we had 44 dead, 25 children, � the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs said.

The units of the CoES are involved in ensuring security in the controlled water areas. In total, more than a thousand people monitor and control water areas daily.

One of the main tools for preventing the death of people on water bodies is outreach work. More than 144 thousand copies of outreach products are distributed among the population. Particular attention is paid to the prevention of child deaths on water bodies, � Y. Ilyin noted.

According to last year’s statistics, 102 children drowned in the country’s water bodies during the swimming season for various reasons.

In order to prevent child mortality, 883 unscheduled parent meetings were held by the territorial units of the Emergency Situations Committee in cooperation with educational institutions, where water safety measures were explained to parents, video clips were shown about the causes of death on water bodies.

251 interactive lessons were organized and conducted, covering over 200 educational institutions of the country. 115 children’s camps located near water bodies are being monitored.

In this regard, with the beginning of the holidays, I would like to pay special attention to the responsibility of parents for preventing children going near water bodies, irrigation canals, etc. – Y. Ilyin summarized.

Source:Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan