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Ministry of Information and Communication approves journalists proposal to sign requests independently

by November 24, 2016 Fun

The working group on elaborating a bill on amendments to the mass media legislation of Kazakhstan is still under discussion.

Having received over 200 amendments from the local media, the Ministry of Information and Communication agrees to a number of positions, including the journalists right to sign a written request independently.

Dauren Abayev opening a regular meeting has read the main ones.

Firstly, a ban on dissemination of personal data of minors suffered from illegal actions should also apply to juvenile offenders, except those who have committed grave and especially grave crimes.

Secondly, requirements on dissemination in public places should apply to all domestic TV stations, not only those included in the mandatory list.

Thirdly, the journalists should be given the right to sign a written request to the organization he was accredited to.

Fourth, the restrictions for verbal media request and terms of denial exit should be excluded from the draft law, he informed.

The Minister of Information and Communication noted that there are still contentious issues the working group has gathered today for. Still required is the determined age at which opinion of minor suffered from illegal actions should be taken into account in dissemination of his personal data. There is also the need to determine the procedure for exercising the right of correction and provision of information for media inquiries. Still not resolved issue is on establishment of journalist duty to verify the data accuracy and the list of grounds that relieve the journalist and media from liability.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan