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Friday, November 27th, 2020

Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development: Provision of rental housing for large families to start in May 2019


According to the ministry, 340,000 large families live in Kazakhstan, of which 28,000 families are currently in the housing queue. The Head of State instructed to build 6 thousand rental apartments annually for over 7 years. Until 2025, more than 40 thousand rental apartments will be built.

The issue currently facing the low-income families with many children will be fully resolved. In May 2019 we will start issuing rental housing for large families, said Sklyar.

As the minister noted, for low-income families with incomes below one minimum wage, preferential loans are being introduced through Housing Construcyion Savings Bank for 20 years at 2% per annum.

This type of loan will be issued to categories:

large families with 4 or more children;

families with or raising children with disabilities;

incomplete families with minor children.

In two years we plan to issue 22.5 thousand preferential loans for these categories. For this, 50 billion tenge will be allocated annually from the republican budget for three years, said Sklyar.

At the same time, for fulfilling instructions to build roads and develop urban and rural infrastructure, over 150 billion tenge is allocated from the republican and local budgets on a parity basis for the local road network. Taking into account the additional allocation of funds, the amount of financing will amount to 200 billion tenge, which will allow covering more than 5 thousand km with repair work.

The list of road repair projects has been formed, here the main emphasis is placed on the development of supporting settlements. By the end of 2025, these measures will allow improving 95% of the roads of the local network, Sklyar stressed.

Also today the ministry together with the akimats has formed a List of Projects in Water Supply and Sanitation. Additional 20 billion tenge will be allocated annually to solve the most pressing problems of water supply and sanitation.

The project implementation will result in 100% coverage of the urban population with centralized water supply will be provided by 2025.

In addition, as noted by Sklyar, to solve the problems of the outskirts of large cities, 90 billion tenge will be provided by 30 billion tenge annually, which will improve the infrastructure of suburban settlements. Akimats have completed the design and estimate documentation for water supply and sanitation projects as well as road construction for 2019, the projects are ready for implementation.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan