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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Ministry of Healthcare to introduce responsibility for unethical promotion of medicines


The patient decides to purchase a medication by appointment of a doctor who prescribes preparations of certain brands. Pharmaceutical companies put the cost of such a “promotion” in the cost of drugs. The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan intends to take this situation for special control.

Y. Birtanov noted that this problem is relevant for the whole world. However, key pharmaceutical companies began to sign internal regulations on the refusal of unethical promotion of medicines, including in Kazakhstan.

“Nevertheless, everything cannot be controlled. The market is large, a lot of distributors work. We intend to legislatively fix the responsibility of medical workers for unethical promotion of medicines,” the Minister said.

First of all, this measure will affect the employees of pharmacies, since prescription drugs can only be prescribed by doctors. In addition, medicines must be prescribed by an international non-proprietary name without trade names. The patient must choose the name and manufacturer.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan