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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Ministry of Healthcare: Kazakh medical universities should switch to trilingual education system

by September 28, 2018 Market

“We demand that all universities switch to trilingual education. A person, when entering the market, should work equally well with Kazakh-speaking, Russian-speaking, and foreign patients. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University has already started trilingual training last year. Teachers began to speak English. We have put an annual indicator for the proportion of teachers trained in English and teaching in English at all universities,” the minister said.

According to the Ministry of Healthcare, today the share of teaching staff in the English language at Intermediate is 15.1%. At the same time, today in Kazakhstan there are private medical schools that already offer foreign students training in English.

“The Ministry of Healthcare encourages the attraction of foreign students by medical universities, since this is an export-oriented service. There is a very large demand for countries from densely populated regions, like India and Pakistan. Here the prospects are great. This is a good help for universities, because when they teach foreign students, they earn money, and this money is invested in infrastructure, textbooks, which everyone uses,” Birtanov noted.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan