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Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Ministry of Healthcare defined strategic foreign partners of medical universities


In the beginning of the report, Minister of healthcare of Kazakhstan Yelzhan Birtanov noted that the present article to people of Kazakhstan, The Head of State defined such tasks before the system of healthcare as conduction of broad information and explanation work of the system of obligatory social health insurance, informatization of healthcare, introduction of regulation of prices for all medicines.

During this period, the Service of public healthcare was formed. The creation of the Service is one of the priority directions of the State program Densaulyk for 2016-2019.

Its aim is the introduction of accessible and effective mechanisms on preventing of diseases and strengthening of health. The work of the System is focused on all stages of life: from vaccination of infants and school medicine, matters of healthy behavior, ecological safety, labor hygiene among youth and adult population to rational diet and preventing of chronic degeneration diseases among old people. All of these are focused to decide qualities of life of Kazakhstanis, the Minister said.

Besides, according to him, within the modernization of medical education, the strategic foreign partners of medical universities were defined.

The work on development of strategic plans of development for 5 years, which is focused on change of the education programme, expansion of academic and managerial autonomy of universities, creation of university clinics, retraining of professors and teachers was conducted, he said.

The work on modernization of nursing based on the Finnish model of practical bachelor, by which 320 people have been educating at the six pilot colleges, is being conducted.

By the time, according to the first half-year of the present year, the rate of infant g=death decreased by 10,8%, and rate of mortality by the result of malignant neoplasms by 5,6%, by myocardial infraction by 5,5%, by accidents and traumas by 8,6%, by tuberculosis by 16,6%.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050