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Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development: Introduction of compulsory social health insurance will improve medical services quality

by February 13, 2017 General

The introduction of compulsory social health insurance will lead to improved quality of medical services. This was reported by the Deputy Minister of Healthcare Alexey Tsoi during the roundtable at the National Scientific Medical Center.

With the introduction of compulsory social health insurance the health sector will enter a competitive environment, and this leads to improved medical services quality. The quality of medical services will be provided by the establishment of standards in the health sector, introduction of clinical protocols and algorithms for organizing medical assistance, competition among health care entities in provision of medical care, accreditation of medical services, payment of services according to results of quality control based on contractual obligations in terms of quality and volume, results of state control and supervision in the healthcare sector, � A. Tsoi said.

According to him, the implementation of CSHI will improve the health of citizens of Kazakhstan and increase life expectancy, increase the availability of quality of life, create a healthcare system that can meet population needs, expand drug coverage on an outpatient basis, and decrease the level of informal payments in the healthcare system.

The Deputy Minister noted that February 7 this year saw the start of the third stage of outreach on implementation of the CSHI. Main amendments to the bill on CSHI will be explained within its framework.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan