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Ministry of Health recommended Kazakhstanis to observe hygiene rules during Nauryz

by March 21, 2017 Market

“With the onset of spring, Kazakhstanis traditionally try to lay a table with the various assortment of dishes: from a variety of national dishes to salads and confectionery products with cream. However, if do not adhere to hygiene rules, the festive feast can be overshadowed by food poisoning. In this regard, during the celebration of Nauryz and the rest days associated with this holiday, we once again remind of the observance of the necessary hygiene rules to prevent poisoning”, chief state sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin stressed.

In particular, when preparing dishes for a festive table it is necessary to observe the terms of their storage and consumption, not to allow the joint storage of raw and ready meals, and at the slightest suspicion of substandard quality – to exclude from use, especially those left after yesterday’s table.

“The most dangerous are ready meals from poultry meat, dishes with eggs, dressed with mayonnaise and sour cream salads, confectionery products with cream”, Zh. Bekshin said.

The chief sanitary inspector advises to ask for documents confirming the quality and safety when buying products, pay attention to the storage times. Heads of restaurants, cafes and food stores should pay attention to the prevention of food poisoning in the days of Nauryz celebration. Staff must comply with the rules of personal hygiene. Personnel who have undergone physical examination are allowed to work.

“We recommend you to refrain from preparing dishes and serving the table long before the start of celebrations and ensure their storage in accordance with the necessary temperature conditions. Do not allow the sale of home-cooked meals”, Zh. Bekshin advised.

Let’s remind, on Nauryz Kazakhstanis rest for five days – from 19 to 23 March.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050