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Ministry of Finance: New draft law on improving sphere of public procurement is based on principles of responsibility and unification of rules


The main principles of the new bill on improving the sphere of public procurement are the creation of uniform rules for all subjects of the quasi-public sector and increasing the responsibility of the participants in procurement. According to B. Sultanov, a single approach will facilitate the terms of participation in procurement of the state and quasi-public sectors for entrepreneurs. At the same time, it is planned to unite all the information systems that exist today in the public procurement system.

“Today, unfortunately, there is no responsibility at us for purchases in quasi-public sector in the legislation. Therefore, the amendments to the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and anti-corruption legislation provide liability for violation of the procurement rules of the quasi-public sector,” B. Sultanov noted.

The bill also provides for the control of the quasi-public sector by the Internal Audit Committee of the Ministry of Finance. As the Minister of Finance stressed, this measure was adopted in order to coordinate the corporate governance system in the quasi-public sector and develop uniform procurement rules.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan