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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Ministry of Finance in-house control preventing violations in public procurement

by December 8, 2016 General

In-house control of the Ministry of Finance is preventing the violations in public procurement, Vice Minister of Finance Ruslan Beketayev informs at the roundtable on public audit and financial supervision at the Parliaments Senate.

The post-Soviet spaces only public procurement platform is operating in Kazakhstan, 100% of procedures for all types of procurement are undertaken digitally. This innovation through your help has been introduced into the law On Public Procurement, and our system is hundred-percent automated now. An operating system of e-MinFin is integrated with the procurement portal, allowing painless implementing in-house control system with automated audit procedures. In-house control detects disturbance in the early stages, before signing a contract. Therefore, if earlier we noted violations post factum, now we reveal them as part of the process and take measures immediately. Over the first three months of the year the in-house control revealed violations almost in every third call, i.e. approximately 17,000 tender procedures were violated. Today, thanks to the awareness-raising activities we undertake, the number of violations has decreased and we can say that the violation is detected in every fifth case only, R.Beketayev says.

According to the Vice Minister, the in-house control is aimed at preventing violations. When timely detected, the violations are not punishable. So, for the timely elimination of violations, over the 11 months of 2016, 15,000 officials have been released of responsibility. While over 9,000 civil servants were prosecuted last year.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan