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Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan explained reasons for price rise of AI-92 gasoline

by November 1, 2016 General

“The price of AI-92 gasoline has increased. Three issues have arisen. Firstly, as you know, Shymkent Refinery is making renovations, it will be launched on November 12. Overhaul is conducted in the framework of modernization, because the plant will be put into operation new equipment. After starting the plant will produce more gasoline AI-92, I think that it will affect the price of gasoline, ” the minister said.

He also noted that 20 days ago at the Pavlodar refinery was revealed technological breach. The plant currently undergoing renovations.

“The work of the plant will be restored within two to three days. This will be more produced and placed on the market high-octane gasoline. So, adjust the price of gasoline in the market,” explained K. Bozumbayev.

According to the Minister, now in the country brought a lot of imported gasoline. Since in Russia the price of gasoline is more expensive than in Kazakhstan, the share of the two countries in the price of gasoline in the market remains volatile. If more gas to be produced, then the price will be stable for 10 days.

“If we talk about diesel, then a decrease in its prices. In particular, the price will be reduced to summer diesel fuel, due to the fact that now the demand falls on it. Since the winter diesel fuel in our country is not made and imported from Russia, we can not regulate its price,” concluded K. Bozumbayev.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan