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Ministry of Energy expects oil production at Kashagan to reach 7 million tons in 2017

by October 27, 2016 General

“Next year, we are laying the oil production at Kashagan from 4 to 7 million tons. It all depends on the equipment and wells,” K. Bozumbayev said.

In general, according to forecasts of minister, it is expected that Kashagan will produce 1 million tons before the end of 2016.

For reference:

The Kashagan field is one of the largest oil discovery in the last 40 years, and its recoverable reserves are approximately 9-13 billion barrels of oil.

The development of the Kashagan field will be implemented in several stages. Currently, the first stage is under implementation, known as the “experimental-industrial development program.” Subsequent phases of field development after the ODA are at the planning stage.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan