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Ministry of Agriculture proposed to tighten requirements for issue of land in border areas

by April 6, 2017 Market

G. Bimendina informed that the Ministry of Agriculture considered the proposals of the members of the Commission for Land Reform to improve the norms of the land legislation, which will be included in the Land Code of Kazakhstan.

“Leasing of agricultural lands to Kazakhstanis remains but now the bill provides for regulation in the Land Code – the allocation of land on a competitive basis”, G. Bimendina told.

According to her, the announcement of the competitive tender will be placed in the mass media, as well as on official Internet resources, information stands of Governor and Mayor’s offices of all levels and the Ministry of Agriculture.

“This will ensure an equal access to the competition for all potential participants. The composition of the competitive commission is proposed to include representatives of the public council and the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”, which constitute 50% of the total number of the commission members”, G. Bimendina said.

She also noted that an obligatory condition for participation in the contest would be the provision by the participant of the tender proposal, including the business plan for agricultural production, the obligations to compile and develop the project of intraeconomic land management, the obligation to create jobs for the local population, the obligations to fulfill indicative indicators on diversification structure of cultivated areas of crops in accordance with the specialization of the region.

“These requirements are established in order to efficiently and rationally use the provided land. In this case, leased land will be under constant supervision of specialists. The monitoring will be carried out for the first 5 years of the lease – annually, in subsequent periods on irrigated plowed fields – every 3 years, on the rain – every 5 years”, G. Bimendina informed.

According to the Deputy Chairwoman, in order to avoid the provision of large areas of agricultural land in “one hand”, the maximum size of agricultural land plots that can be leased from the residents of Kazakhstan within the administrative districts, cities, and each region by types of land is established.

“In addition, the requirements for providing land in the border zone and the border zone of the State Border are tightened, where a ban on land ownership by foreigners, stateless persons, foreign legal entities and legal entities with foreign participation is being established”, G. Bimendina said.

She also added that in order to solve the problem of shortage of pasture lands, the draft law provides for the provision of the population with pastures, with the determination of their required volume.

“The bill provides for the improvement of certain norms of the Land Code in terms of determining of the status of the Land Commission, divisibility of the land plot, changing the designation of land plots of settlements, etc.” G. Bimendina concluded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050