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Ministry of Agriculture presented the concept of State program of AIC development for 2017-2021

by November 7, 2016 Fun

It should be reminded that at the enlarged session of the Government on September 9 this year, the President instructed the Government of Kazakhstan to develop the State program of agricultural sector development until the end of the year by integrating into State Program of water resources management of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the state program will be to ensure the production of marketable products at competitive agribusiness markets.

The main tasks of the state program will be: to develop the efficiency of livestock by 58% and 40% of crop; to increase large-scale agricultural cooperation involving 670 thousand smallholders in commercial production and create an effective marketing system and processing; to ensure the efficiency and availability of state with maximum coverage; implement targeted export policy and promote Kazakhstan’s brand of organic products; involve the turnover of more than 600 thousand hectares of irrigated land; improve state regulation of agro-industrial complex.

In addition, it is planned to review the system of subsidies to reach more recipients of state support increasing its effectiveness.

In general, work on crop diversification will be continued. The wheat acreage will be replaced by more popular crops (oilseeds, barley, maize, sugar beet, fodder crops). To increase agricultural productivity, the state support for the use of high quality seeds and fertilizers will be provided.

The work to improve the efficiency of the use of pastures will be developed. They will encourage the production and consumption of animal feed. Also, measures to increase the proportion of breeding animals will be taken by the state.

The activities to promote the establishment of rural cooperatives, lending and services ensuring the availability of financial instruments will be carried out.

Also, in order to improve the technical equipment of agribusiness entities will be taken to reduce the share purchase of expensive machinery and equipment from abroad.

In addition, the measures to ensure the link between science and industry will be implemented.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan