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Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Ministry of Agriculture names leading areas in the production of premium products

by August 25, 2017 Fun

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Gulmira Issayeva spoke about the development of organic production in Kazakhstan.

According to her, to date, about 300 thousand hectares of land have been certified in the country.

These are mainly Kostanay and Almaty regions, which are certified to produce organic products () This is mainly crop production. Already today, they are exporting goods to Europe. Thus, last year the shipment volume exceeded 10 million USD. We must develop this sector, because the prices for organic products are quite attractive. It passes as premium product: these are vegetables, melons, grains, oilseeds, � she said on the sidelines of the agro-industrial investment forum, answering journalists’ questions.

The Deputy Minister recalled that the Law On the production of Organic Products was signed by the President of Kazakhstan two years ago.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan