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Ministry of Agriculture increased number of public services to 100

by February 2, 2017 Market

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture has provided 84 state services, and their number increased to 100 in December 2016.

According to the department, such an extension of the Register of public services, updated on December 15 of last year, was due to consolidating the public service of the Committee for Land Management (formerly assigned to the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan) for the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as inclusion in the register of two new public services:

subsidizing the cost of audit unions of agricultural cooperatives to carry out an internal audit of agricultural cooperatives;

subsidizing the cost of processing enterprises in the procurement of agricultural products for the food production of its deep processing.

In addition, state service “Registration of tractor drivers and manufactured on their base self-propelled chassis and machinery, self-propelled agricultural, land reclamation and road-building machines and mechanisms, as well as special machines terrain by proxy” has been ruled in the Registry in order to bring the registry in accordance with the law.

Three services are also combined in a special water use into a “Permission for special water use” in order to optimize the registry and the provision of public services of these procedures.

The state service “Subsidizing interest rates on loans, as well as the leasing of production equipment and farm machinery” in accordance with the register is transferred from the Ministry to provide the local executive bodies of the regions, Astana and Almaty cities.

However, according to the previously introduced changes, submission of applications and obtaining the result of this subsidy, as well as by eight other subsidies will be made only through the State Corporation “Government for citizens.”

In accordance with the legislation, the work on updating of the necessary regulatory framework was launched and regulations and standards of public services will be approved within four months, where all of the changes listed above will be governed.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050