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Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population concerned about female youth unemployment

by February 10, 2017 General

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Tamara Duissenova believes that Kazakhstan faces the risk of increase of unemployment among able-bodied women.

According to her, this problem is being observed all over the world. Experts of the International labor Organization suggest that around the world women between the ages of 29 to 34 are at greater risk of unemployment.

We have a slightly different picture, which connects to the structure of our population and economy. Under greater risk are women older than 45 and female youth aged 15-24. This is probably our specificity and demographic trends which we’ve had in the 90-s. If we will not work on this part, then the world trend may soon become characteristic to Kazakhstan, � she said during the International Forum on the participation of women in the corporate sector.

According to the Ministry, 3.1 million women in Kazakhstan are hired employees.

19% of Kazakh women are employed in trade, 18% in education and health, and 8.6% in social services.

1/3 of unemployed able-bodied women are on maternity leave, child care. At the same time, 400 thousand children are born in Kazakhstan yearly.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan