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Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Minister distinguished the government employees who participated in establishing the “Government for Citizens” Public Corporation

by November 29, 2016 Key Issues

Minister of Information and Communications Dauren Abayev conducted the honoring of those government employees who considerably contributed to the establishment of non-profit joint-stock company named Government for Citizens Public Corporation.

As Minister remarked, the event is taking place on the eve of the great date that has become the keynote for the Ministry’s entire activity this year, the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence.

Independence is our nation’s supreme value. Reinforcing independence underlies the Head of State’s heading angle. One of the essential areas is the establishment of government servicing citizens in implementation of which the crucial role is played by Government for Citizens, Dauren Abayev said.

The Public Corporation is known to have been established as part of the Nation’s 100 Concrete Steps Plan. It started operating on April 7, 2016. Four government enterprises were included in it (Citizen Service Centers, Real Estate Center, National Center for Pension Payment, and Land Cadaster Research/Production Center). Currently, of 739 public services in common Register, 530 can be obtained by citizens via the Public Corporation. Pursuant to the Meeting Minutes of Interdepartmental Commission as of May this year, 53 more public services are to be passed to the Government for Citizens Corporation.

Source: Ministry Of Information and Communication Republic of Kazakhstan