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“Military discourse” seminar in extreme journalism to be held in Kazakhstan


The practical seminar is focused on the training journalists from Kazakhstan to work in a zone of armed conflicts and during emergencies, as well as to cover acts of terrorism. The experienced military instructors of Kazakhstan’s Armed Forces will train the journalists how to work in epicenters of armed activities using theoretical and practical approaches, as well as in emergencies and how to make a good informative report in there, the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan wrote.

At this time the practical operations of journalists will be honed in the combat actions, as well as in the cities and mass events, actions. Such kinds of measures are useful because they help to understand and analyze the events, which happen around and help to produce the right reaction mechanisms, particularly in the information sphere.

It should be mentioned that the practical seminar Military discourse is a branch of Journalism, which is held with the aim to acquire certain knowledge, skills in collecting and analyzing information as well as to minimize the threats during the work in high-danger zones by workers of Mass media.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050