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MID continues accreditation of foreign carriers for EXPO period

by May 19, 2017 World Sports

Roman Sklyar stressed that the vast majority of foreign visitors to the exhibition will arrive by air.

He recalled that during the international exhibition Astana will have a regime of the “open sky”, according to which all foreign air carriers are granted the right to fly to Astana up to 7 flights a week.

“At the same time, the opening of flights depends on the intentions and commercial readiness of foreign airlines. To date, in order to carry out new flights, foreign carriers are being accredited. Some companies have already had such rights”, the Vice Minister said.

R. Sklyar also talked about plans to extend the “open sky” regime after the exhibition, if the summer practice will yield positive results.

“Thus, “FinnAir” airline plans to fly from Helsinki to Astana with a frequency of 2 flights a week, seasonally during the exhibition. From May 29 – “LOT Polish Airlines” from Warsaw 4 flights a week, from June 7 – “WizzAir” from Budapest with a frequency of 2 flights a week, and from June – “Air China” from Beijing 3 flights a week”, he added.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050