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Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

MID: Construction and repair of 11 road projects of “Nurly Zhol” to be finished in time (PHOTO ESSAY)

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by October 14, 2016 Study

The budget of 11 road projects of the “Nurly Zhol” state program for 2016 has amounted to almost 330 billion tenge. About 150 billion tenge has been already spent for7 months. The money will be disbursed in full by the end of the year, Minister for Investment and Development Zhenis Kassymbek said during a regular meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan.

The implementation of 17 projects is planned within the framework of the State program of infrastructure development “Nurly Zhol” for 2015-2019, including 16 projects in the transport sector: 11 – in the field of roads, 2 projects – in the field of railways, 1 project – in the field of water economy, civil aviation and logistics, as well as 1 project – the credit housing and protecting the equity contributions.
349.8 billion tenge has been allocated in 2016 for the realization of these projects within “Nurly Zhol”, of which the National Fund has allocated 171.3 billion tenge.
According to the Minister, the budget of the road projects amounts to 329.8 billion tenge in 2016, including the National Fund – 151.3 billion tenge.
“145.8 billion tenge (44%) has been disbursed from February to July this year. Of which, according to the National Fund – 63 billion tenge. Until the end, all funds will be disbursed in full. To date, 439 km of asphalt and cement concrete pavement have been laid”, the Minister said.

If we stop on each project, the most ambitious project is the road “Western Europe – Western China”.

Since the beginning of project’s realization the work on 2028 kilometers has been completed and the traffic on sections from Shymkent – border of the Russian Federation (to Orenburg) and Taraz – Almaty have been opened. The budget for 2016 is 134.2 billion tenge. 43% – 58.8 billion tenge has been disbursed.

The next project is “Center – South” (Astana – Almaty). The works in this area were started in 2013 on the sites Astana – Temirtau (171 km) and Almaty – Kapshagai (104 km). To date, 12 km of Astana – Temirtau and 72 km of Almaty – Kapshagai have been put into operation. The budget in 2016 is 63 billion tenge. 33% – 20.5 billion tenge has been disbursed.

“Financing of the section Temirtau – Karaganda – Burylbaital – Kurty -Kapshagai (1013 km) will be funded by the loans of the World Bank, the EBRD. The construction work is scheduled to begin in 2017. Full completion of the project will be in 2021”, Zh. Kassymbek told.

The next auto project is “Centre-East” (Astana – Ust-Kamenogorsk). The works on this route have been conducted since 2013 on the sites of Astana – Pavlodar (441 km) and Pavlodar – Semei – Kalbatau (473 km). To date, 218 km have been put into operation, including Astana – Pavlodar – 47 km, Pavlodar – Semei -Kalbatau – 171 km.
The budget in 2016 is 60.5 billion tenge, of which 48% – 29.2 billion tenge have been disbursed.

The project “Center-West” (Astana – Aktobe – Atyrau – Aktau) is carried out on the site Beineu – Aktau (470 km). This year 38.5 billion tenge has been allocated for the section Beineu – Aktau. 52% – 22.4 billion tenge has been disbursed.
“Lots Astana – Arkalyk – Torgai – Shalkar – Kandyagash, Aktobe – Atyrau and Makat – Astrakhan will be reconstructed at the expense of IBRD loans, ADB and IDB. Reconstruction is planned in 2017. Full completion of the project – 2022 “, – said the Minister.

On the highway Almaty – Ust-Kamenogorsk the works are carried out on the site Kapshagai – Taldykorgan (141 km). 53 km have been commissioned.
The budget in 2016 amounts to 9.5 billion tenge. 52% – 4.9 billion tenge has been disbursed. This year, the work will be continued on the remaining 88 km of the section Kapshagai – Taldykorgan, of which 64 km will be completed by year-end.

According to the road Astana – Petropavlovsk – the border of the Russian Federation, the work is being done at the site Kokshetau – Petropavlovsk on the territory of North Kazakhstan region. The budget for 2016 is 11.1 billion tenge, including the National Fund – 8.3 billion tenge. 49% – 5,4 billion tenge has been disbursed, including the National Fund – 3.8 billion tenge. The work is continued on 87 km. The reconstruction of the site Petropavlovsk – the border of the Russian Federation (68 km) is scheduled to be begun in 2017. Full completion of the project will be 2020.
The projects Zhetybai-Zhanaozen and Usharal – Dostyk will be realized at the expense of the loans. In the 2nd half of 2016 it is planned to sign the loan agreement, the beginning of implementation is in 2017.

According to the projects Kyzylorda – Zhezkazgan – Karaganda and South-West bypass of Astana the work to attract investments is carried out.

Thus, Zh. Kassymbek concluded that since the beginning of the program in view of the current year 1256 km of roads have been reconstructed, which make up a significant part of the roads of the I technical category with a concrete covering.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050


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