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MFA to strengthen inter’l activity principles

by December 27, 2016 Legal

The main priorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan are aimed at the effective promotion of the economic agenda of the National Plan- “100 concrete steps to implement the five institutional reforms”.

The Minister noted that in 2017 the necessary measures to strengthen the coordinated efforts and cooperation between foreign institutions, ministries, regional administrations, national and national companies of Kazakhstan will be taken.

“The emphasis in the work of ministries and diplomatic missions will be made on the expansion of contacts with business circles of foreign countries. Another priority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the economic track is the development and promotion of the International Finance “Astana” center”, – the minister said.

As he noted, a special “Plan to promote IFC as a financial hub in Central Asia” has been developed. It includes a range of information and image events outside and inside the country, as well as negotiations with financial and business circles of the CIS countries, Middle East, Europe, the US and Southeast Asia.

Also, the Minister noted that the substantive work for the implementation of the Concept of Kazakhstan’s foreign policy will continue in 2014-2020 years.

According to Ye. Idrissov, the policy of developing mutually beneficial cooperation with major partners and closest neighbors – fraternal countries of Central Asia will continue. In this regard, it is important to continue the search for mutually acceptable ways of rapprochement of the regional “five”, taking into account the interests of the Central Asian states and external partners.

“We plan to develop and strengthen the principles of the international activity of our country: the multi-vector, pragmatism and firm defense of national interests. In general, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make every effort to implement the foreign policy objectives of the Head of State. All the tools are ours”, – said the Minister.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050