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Memorandum between export agencies of the EAEU countries to play a significant role in the Union’s potential development

by August 24, 2017 Legal

“We hold this forum for the second time in Astana, and we have real results in the direction of “export support”. We are not just talking about the need to support exports, by signing a Memorandum between the export agencies of the member countries we are creating the necessary foundation for the building, which we hope will be built in the form of joint financial instruments to support exports,” said V. Nikishina.

She noted that the events taking place within the framework of the forum also help to identify the main ways in the further development of the potential of the EAEU.

“It is no coincidence that the vector theme of the forum “Eurasian Week” in 2017 is the creation of opportunities for the development of the export and investment potential of the EAEU. On the site of the forum there are events devoted to the discussion of competitiveness and the development of four freedoms: goods, services, capitals, labor and most importantly the information linking these flows,” Veronika Nikishina noted.

We should recall that today, within the framework of the “Eurasian Week” forum, representatives of the export agencies of the member countries of the EAEU signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, which aims to unite efforts to support joint ventures in the countries of the union.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan