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MEMO for the attention of travellers planning to visit Kazakhstan!


Please keep in mind the following sanitary and epidemiological measures enforced by respective government agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please be advised that the President of Kazakhstan declared a national state of emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan due to the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, starting from 8.00 am on 16 March 2020 (Nur-Sultan time), restrictions will be introduced to prohibit entry to and departure from the territory of Kazakhstan for the citizens of Kazakhstan and foreign nationals.

There are a few exceptions to the above restrictions. The following categories of travellers are allowed to cross the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

• Kazakh citizens who left the country before the state of emergency was declared – for them to be able to return to Kazakhstan;

• Kazakh citizens travelling abroad for medical treatment – upon presentation of supporting documents from healthcare institutions;

• foreign nationals who entered Kazakhstan’s territory before the state of emergency was declared – for them to be able to leave Kazakhstan;

• staff of the diplomatic service of Kazakhstan and foreign countries and members of their families, as well as members of delegations of foreign countries and international organisations travelling to Kazakhstan at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• foreign nationals (stateless persons) who hold valid Kazakh residence permits;

• foreign nationals who are family members of citizens of Kazakhstan (upon presentation of official documents to confirm kinship – spouses, parents and children);

• members of train, locomotive, aircraft and sea crews;

• service personnel of foreign cross-border facilities on the territory of Kazakhstan and service personnel of Kazakh cross-border facilities on the territory of neighbouring countries;

• foreign nationals travelling on transit passenger trains – provided that they left their point of origin and were en route before the state of emergency came into force (before 08.00 on 16 March 2020).

Source: The General prosecutor’s office of the Republic of Kazakhstan