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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Member-states of EEU to gather at business-forum in Mongolia

by August 16, 2017 Market

The matters on preparation for the forum were on agenda of the meeting of assistant member of the Collegian (Minister) for investments and macroeconomy of the Eurasian economic commission (EEC) Fedor Chernitsyn with Deputy of the Great state Hural (Parliament) of Mongolia, Deputy Chairman of the Interparliamentary group Mongolia-Russia Byambasuren Enkh-Amgalan.

The agreement on conduction of the joint business-forum was earlier signed by co-chairmen of the working group on cooperation between the EEC and the Parliament of Mongolia � member of Collegian (Minister) for investments and macroeconomy of the EEC Tatyana Valova and Minister of foreign affairs of Mongolia Tsend Munkh-Orgil, was informed in the EEC.

During the meeting, the Mongolian partners expressed interest in wide participation of chairmen of the Commission and business circles of the member-states of the EEU in the business-forum.

Fedor Chernitsyn submitted the readiness to provide necessary organization support to the event, where as expected representatives of several relevant clusters of the EEC, Business council of the EEU, entrepreneurs of the member-states of the Union will participate.

I hope that our joint efforts during the last time, work within the working group and conduction of the business-forum in the Mongolian capital will result in expanding of cooperation relations, as well as to closer contacts between business circles of the member-states of the EEU and Mongolia and to new precise agreements and contracts between them, he noted.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050