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by September 30, 2019 Legal

A republican conference on “Discussion of the Concept of Civil Society Development Concept until 2025” was held in the capital with participation of representatives of nongovernmental organizations, experts community and government agencies. The participants discussed the draft Concept of civil society development till 2025,

The Concept for civil society development up to 2025 provides for measures to support and strengthen civil society, involve them in decisionmaking, multipartyity, political competition and involvement in the discussion of the most urgent nationwide objectives for the development of pluralism in the country.

VicePresident of the ULPA “Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan” Musagali Duambekov said that today’s concept is important for the alliance that unites thousands of nongovernmental organizations.

“Last year, this issue was raised at the Civil Forum. However, he still did not achieve his goal. President KassymJomart Tokayev also mentioned this issue in his address. That is why we decided that, together with nongovernmental organizations, this issue should be discussed. It is not an easy document after having a civil society. This document must be comfortable for the public rather than a specific direction and industry, “M. Duambekov said.

He also stressed the importance of the development of civil society, first of all, to solve the financial problem.

“The attitude of the state to the civil society must change. Because we have to provide a lot of services in the country to civil society. It was mentioned in step 97 of “100 real steps”. It was also announced at the Nur Otan Congress. A commission for the transfer of public services to public organizations was also established. 34 years have not yet reached the result. The Commission has not finished its work. The Government’s order was not issued. The problem of providing 136 services is a problem. In particular, social sphere, people with disabilities, ecology, forum, conferences can be organized by public organizations themselves. We need to prepare the program and the concept. He gives it to state organizations and they are passing through several people. We must be directly involved, “M. Duambekov said.

In turn, Vera Kim, Chairman of the National Volunteering Network, said that civil society in the name of nonprofit organizations plays an active role today.

“It is nice that today’s nonprofit organizations are actively involved in the discussion of various issues. These concepts are a working document for nonprofit and civil society. Today, these two can not function without one another. Interaction with the state with nonprofit organizations is carried out as a partnership. There are feedback from people and civil society in discussing the implementation of various government programs. Organizations that work with target groups today should be involved in discussions of longterm documents, “said Vera Kim.

It should also be noted that representatives of noncommercial organizations should participate in the discussion of such documents.

“We need to make specific proposals as a nonprofit organization. Tomorrow we can say that we have contributed to the formation of this document. Today, the relationship between the people and the state should be carried out through volunteering and volunteering. It is necessary to increase the development of civil society volunteer activities. Next year, the “Year of Volunteer” was approved. That’s why the issue of support and development of volunteer activities is very important to us. Today, we are ready to make offers to support the volunteer service in a comprehensive system, “Kim said.

The concept of the 2025 Conceptual Framework describes the concept and core values of civil society.

“The key role of democratic processes in the world practice will be the character of sustainable models of civil society belonging to civil society. Civil society can be defined as a set of moral, religious, socioeconomic, family relations and institutions. The interests of individuals and their groups, which form unions, associations, unions, will be satisfied with their free and voluntary needs and interests, “the draft constitution

Previously, NurSultan and the city of Almaty held dialogue platforms with representatives of nongovernmental organizations. Dialogue platforms were exchanged with local NGOs on the further development of civil society, and their recommendations were amended in the Concept.

It’s worth noting that the concept of development of civil society till 2025 will be developed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Everybody’s Good”! Succession. Fairness. Is being implemented on the basis of the proposals received during the joint action “Joint”.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050