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MCS outlined priorities for 2017

by February 10, 2017 Health

According to A.Raimkulova, the Ministry of Culture and Sports implements the concept of cultural policy, the Concept of development of sport, the State program for the development and functioning of languages for 2020 within the given priorities.

“One of the most important tasks of the Ministry is to increase quality and competitive edge of culture industry, sports, tourism and education in the creative part and active integration into the global cultural context,” Deputy Minister said.

Implementation of dual education is in the list of the priority tasks of MCS. According to A.Raimkulova, creative people will achieve good results if a child will be brought up in a special environment, where creative activities are included in the educational process. A unique the Academy of Choreography in Astana is the confirmation of dual education.

“Training is conducted from the first class to the doctorate here. We are confident that a large number of future ballet stars, world-class stars will be raised within the walls of the Academy,” A.Raimkulova said.

The primary task of the Ministry aims to support young cultural figures, athletes of Kazakhstan. A striking example of this support was Dimash Kudaibergenov.

“With the active support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports Dimas participated and won in the most prestigious international competitions. To date, he is the messenger of the Kazakh culture in the world. It is a great pride for us,” Deputy Minister commented.

Currently, the Ministry works on a cultural-tourism and sports tourism clusters. They will contribute to the formation of anchor projects in the fields of culture, sports and branding, A.Raimkulova said. This work is particularly relevant against the backdrop of the forthcoming presentation of the Kazakh culture at the international exhibition EXPO-2017.

Overall, the key tasks of the Ministry of Culture and Sports will be discussed at the expanded board of the Ministry with the participation of deputies, the presidential administration, the government, the leaders of all the subordinate organizations of the Ministry, concerned government agencies and the media in the context of the message of the Head of State on February 16.

It should be reminded that the President Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Address “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness,” outlined a clear vector of the new model of economic growth and global competitiveness. The improvement in the quality of human capital indicated as the most important priority in a given direction.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan