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Mazhilis OKs draft law on prosecution authority

by May 31, 2017 World Sports

“Primary supervision will not be limitless any longer. The Constitution has determined the specific limits of the supervision. It will now be carried out in three forms: inspection, analysis and assessment of legal enactments. Prosecutors will conduct no endless inspections, as before. The main instrument is analysis. First of all, we analyze statistics, data and news reports. No need to go anywhere and disturb anybody”, Kazakh Prosecutor General Zhakip Assanov said introducing the draft law.

According to him, violations can now be established via information technologies. He also assured that entrepreneurs would immediately benefit from this system.

“A prosecutor cannot inspect any businesses on his/her initiative. Of course, various situations can occur. However, a prosecutor is not entitled to interfere if there is no crime. At least, the Prosecutor General’s decision will be needed to do that”, Zhakip Assanov explained.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050