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by October 30, 2019 General

At a plenary sitting of the Mazhilis, chaired by Speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin, the deputies have approved a number of new ratification bills, informs with reference to the press service of the Mazhilis.

There is an Agreement of Kazakhstan with Turkey on military cooperation. Bilateral cooperation based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit includes such areas of military cooperation as peacekeeping operations, military training and education, conducting joint exercises, the defence industry, military scientific and technical research.

The Mazhilis has also approved the Treaty of Kazakhstan with Mongolia on the transfer of convicted persons. The purpose of the bill is the cooperation of the two countries in the transfer of convicted persons, the reintegration of convicted persons in the public environment of their state.

At the plenary session, the deputies have adopted new bills received in the Mazhilis. Among them are legislative amendments on issues of civil liability in the field of atomic energy use. There is also a package of ratifications received by the Mazhilis. This is the Agreement of Kazakhstan with Uzbekistan on labor activities and the protection of the rights of migrant workers and the multilateral convention on the implementation of measures related to tax agreements in order to counter the erosion of the tax base and the withdrawal of profits from taxation. Here are also amendments to the Agreement of Kazakhstan with Russia on the creation of the Baiterek space rocket complex at the Baikonur cosmodrome.

At the end of the plenary session, the parliamentarians have made a number of deputy requests to heads of central government agencies.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050