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Majilis to consider Statute of Hague Conference on Private International Law

by March 24, 2017 World Sports

As reported in the Chamber, the draft of amendments concerning physical culture and sport is submitted for discussion of deputies in the second reading.

The Chamber is also offered to consider the ratification bill – the Statute of Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH).

Ratification of the Statute will allow Kazakhstan to join the Hague Conference, which will contribute to the further development of the legal system of our country on the basis of generally accepted world standards, enhancing the effectiveness of protecting the rights and interests of Kazakhstani citizens.

The draft agenda also contains new bills that have been submitted to the Majilis, under which the Chamber is to appoint the terms for the preparation of conclusions to special-purpose committees. This is the draft of the Constitutional Law “On Amendments and Additions to Some Constitutional Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Issues of Redistribution of Powers between the Government Branches”.

In this regard, the draft legislative amendments on the redistribution of powers between the branches of state power, as well as on the regulation of land relations.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050