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Majilis deputy N.Sabilyanov explained main aspects of “Nurly zher” in EKR

by January 6, 2017 General

N.Sabilyanov informed on the implementation of the National Plan – “100 concrete steps”, the activity of the Majilis, the ongoing work of the “Nur Otan” party, and also explained the implementation of “Nurly Zhol” government programs and “Regional Development until 2020”, etc.

Majilisman also briefed the residents of East Kazakhstan region on the main directions of the new program “Nurly zher”, the development of productive employment and the mass entrepreneurship, development of agro-industrial complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan “Agribusiness-2017”.

In turn, voters raised issues of agriculture, business, water supply and housing, repair of roads, infrastructure, human settlements development, improving the quality of health care, employment, social security, passenger transport, as well as food price controls.

In addition, participants of the meetings pointed out the need to raise wages to workers of social sphere, price controls on agricultural leasing solutions to some land issues, as well as the need to adopt a law on veterans.

At the meetings with voters N.Sabilyanov received citizens in their personal matters. By the way, from the beginning of the work in the region Majilisman held 7 meetings with the residents of 6 communities.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050