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Majilis deputies visited the May district of Pavlodar region


The deputies of the Majilis talked with the honorable citizen of the district, the veteran of the pedagogical work Zhidebay Arykbayev, who spoke about the social support of the representatives of the older generation.

M. Pshembayev and N. Abdirov also got acquainted with the progress of construction of the 16-apartment building in the village of Koktobe, met with members of the parliamentary faction of the party in the district maslikhat, the staff of the district prosecutor’s office, and also the peasant farm “Temirzhan”.

In addition, the elected representatives visited the school after Y. Mukashev, in which M.Pshembayev studied, he met with his teachers and congratulated them on the Day of the Capital. Within the framework of the action “Mektebim tagzym” under the “Tugan zher” program, M. Pshembayev gave a computer class to his native school with 10 computers connected to the high-speed Internet.

“Today we visited the May district of Pavlodar region. The socio-economic development of the area is at a good level. I am very glad that my native school is functioning and its material and technical base is being updated. The village is being transformed, new facilities are under construction. All this is due to the stability and ongoing policy of Elbasy,” M. Pshhembaev said.

Then the people’s representatives visited the prosecutor’s office of the May district and the farm “Temirzhan” of the Kazan rural district.

The public reception of the May regional branch of the Nur Otan party hosted a reception of citizens on personal issues, where the mazhilismen met with the residents of the district, gave more details about the Address of the President and answered a number of questions.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan