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Majilis approves additional requirements for Presidential Candidates

by May 24, 2017 Health

Majilis Deputies have approved the bill On introducing amendments and additions to some constitutional laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As Minister of Justice Marat Beketayev noted, presenting the bill at the plenary session of the Majilis, changes are introduced into 8 constitutional laws (“On Elections”, “On Parliament and the Status of Its Deputies”, “On the National Referendum”, “On the Government”, “On the President “,” On the Constitutional Council “,” On the First President – Leader of the Nation “,” On the Judicial System and Status of Judges “).

Thus, in the Constitutional Law “On the President”, the President’s powers are brought into line with constitutional amendments.

In particular, the President appoints Government members on the proposal of the Prime Minister submitted after consultations with the Majilis of the Parliament.

At the same time, in case of an appeal of the Deputies of the Parliament to dismiss a member of the Government in accordance with the procedure established by the Constitution (Article 57, Subparagraph 6), the President shall relieve them of their duties.

The following legislative functions are excluded from the Constitutional Law “On the President”: the power to issue decrees having the force of law; to declare a draft bill urgent; to instruct the Government to introduce a bill into the Majilis, and to abolish Government acts.

Corrections are made concerning the name and status of “Elbasy” in the Constitutional Law “On the First President – Leader of the Nation”.

The Constitutional Law “On the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Status of Its Deputies” was supplemented by Article 22-1. It determines the procedure for approving Government members’ candidacies in coordination with the Majilis.

According to the constitutional amendments, the Constitutional Law “On the Government” was amended to abolish central executive bodies that are not members of the Government.

Also, norms are established that regulate the relationship between the Government and the President and Parliament.

The government acts within the term of office of the Majilis and resigns its powers to the newly elected Majilis.

The Constitutional Law “On Elections” provides for amendments aimed at increasing the legal literacy of voters and electoral process participants.

Additional requirements are imposed on Presidential Candidates: experience in public service or in elected government positions of at least 5 years; confirmation of the absence of diseases impeding performance of duties (a medical examination is carried out for this purpose).

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan