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Maikain to be developed

by December 5, 2016 Health

Akim of Pavlodar region arrived in Bayanaul area with a working trip and held a meeting for the development of the supported village – Maikain.

Akim of Bayanaul area reported that 9000 people lived in the village and they needed a new kindergarten. Orazgeldy Kairgeldinov noted that in the village there was a kindergarten for 160 seats, TB-kindergarten for 50 seats and a mini center for 50 seats.

Today, 176 children at the age of 2 to 6 years are not covered with pre-school education. We have a design and estimate documentation. The construction cost of a kindergarten for 110 seats � KZ 216.8 mln, akim of the area said.

The head of the region noted that the village, where the number of local residents more than the number of people of any district center, really needed a new kindergarten. He approved the project to build houses for young specialists. But Bulat Bakauov asked to calculate what would be cheaper – to construct 10 standard two-room houses or a dormitory for 24 one-room flats.

At the end of the meeting villagers could ask B.Bakauov some questions. In particular, many complained that the mining companies invested in the development of the village. Akim agreed that the large enterprises should actively support the village, where many workers lived. He charged to review the social contracts of Maikain enterprises.

In Maikain there are a lot of minerals. It is necessary to gather investors actively, akim of the region added.

In the working trip B.Bakauov visited the mine Keregetas, which is a part of “Aluminium of Kazakhstan” JSC. The head of the company Arman Esenzhulov told about the volumes of production of the enterprise and applied technologies.

Source: Pavlodar region akims office