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by October 11, 2019 Market

On October 1 6, 2019, the capital of Great Britain attracted artists, artisans, writers, filmmakers and art lovers. Viewers got acquainted with the creativity and culture of the Eurasian region through exhibitions, films, and creative meetings. The event was organized by the Eurasian Creative Guild (London), with the support of Premier Cinema Romford, the Mercury Shopping Center and personal active participation of the member of the Guild Natalie Bays and film producer Spence Hawkins.

The first event of the festival was a discussion dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay. The discussion was led by David William Parry, Daniele H. Irandoost, Jonathan Fryer, Gulsifat Shahidi, Nurym Taibek, Bakhtygul Makhanbetova and John Farndon.

Representatives of the creative intellectuals in London and members of the Guild Jonathan Campion, Gulzada Hamra and others took an active part in the discussion.

After the end of the discussion, the official opening of the first exhibition of the fine arts Peaks of Asia took place. More than 50 works by artists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Moldova and Russia were presented. Replicas of the most famous works from the State Museum of Art named after I.V. Savitsky (Uzbekistan), were presented in a separate block. Artists as Raisa Ambros (Moldova), Nadezhda Nalivkina (Russia), Olesya Shibaeva (Moldova), the representative of the Contemporary Art entre of Tajikistan � Dzhanolbi Rakhmatova and the representative of the creative group Peaks of Asia � Gulzada Hamra (Kazakhstan � Kyrgyzstan) gave a speech at the opening of the exhibition.

The opening ceremony was attended by a member of Romford’s City Council, representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan and reporters from Russia UK, Romford Daily, Romford Recorder, Channel 24 KZ and others.

The opening of the Eurasian Cultural Week was the first event of this magnitude in Romford and one of the few in the UK to bring together creative people from around the world � artists, artisans, writers, filmmakers.

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The second day of the Eurasian Culture Week in London brought together an art exhibition, creative meetings and book presentations. The exhibition Peaks of Asia is still open. It is a unique exhibition of the best artists from Central Asia. Paintings revealing the beauty and originality of the eastern culture of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan were presented to art lovers. Today the exhibition was renewed with the works of the felt artist from Kyrgyzstan Guli Bost (Gulzada Hamra).

The important event of this day was the presentation of a new book by Gulsifat Shahidi True Paradise � lost Paradise. The author and editor of the book, Stephen Bland, gave a speech at the presentation. The book is a collection of selected articles that includes reviews and interviews from nostalgic memories of the Tajik author’s childhood in Soviet times and thoughts about the modern history of Tajikistan as well.

A creative meeting was also held with writer, journalist and editor Stephen M. Bland, who delivered a speech entitled Dictators, Devastation and Dadaism: From Uzbekistan’s Desert of Forbidden Art to Armenia’s Forgotten People. The speech was about a book that is being prepared for publication and dedicated to travelling in Caucasus.

After the event, a meeting was held with David Perry, who presented his new book, Mount Athos Inside Me: Essays on Religion, Swedenborg and Arts with the participation of Daniele H. Irandoost. The book tells about the place, where the British united with the Great Silk Road and Central Asia for many centuries.

The closing of the second day of the Eurasian Creative Week was marked by the performance of Jonathan Fryer. He as a journalist and writer compared works of Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov and the English writer Oscar Wilde. An amazing discussion helped strengthen cultural ties between nations.

Special guests included representatives of the embassies of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in London, Professor Lauren McConnell of the American University in Central Asia, representatives of the creative intelligentsia of London and the press service of the United Kingdom.

??? ????? 1.pngThe third day of the Eurasian Culture Week came to an end.

The premiere of the film Oasis that was made by students of the American University of Central Asia, took place in London. The film was presented by the University’s Professor Lauren McConnell. The movie was screened at the Premier Cinema in Romford. The picture reveals the history of the Elm Grove, which is the biggest park, founded in 1881 by the first Russian settlers in Bishkek.

A poetic performance was held as well by John Farndon, who is an outstanding poet, composer, translator and winner of the EBRD 2019 literary prize for translating the book of the Uzbek author Hamid Ismailov The Devil’s Dance. John Farndon popularizes one of the best poems originated from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Yakutia, Tatarstan and Russia by translating them into English. The audience at the meeting became more familiar with the work of the author and his works.

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More than 35 paintings by such talented artists as Marua Baitursunova, Elena Fursa, Tanya Efron, Bakytnur Burdesbekov, Smakova Bibigul, Altynshash Alpysbaeva, Almagul Yesimova, Asiya Bekisheva, Adilgali Bayandunai Chaynapalinov, Faylana Bayandinova, Fariza Nurpanova, Larisa Pak and Abay Chunchalinov, were added to the art exhibition Peaks of Asia.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050