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Monday, November 30th, 2020

Launched ALTYN OIMAQ Contest for Fashion Designers


The ALTYN OIMAQ competition is an interactive platform for clothing manufacturers and designers, which promotes national clothing brands and accessories.

In any field, both intellectual, sports and creative, competitions and various competitions are held: firstly, in order to identify the best, and secondly, for young and beginning participants, competitions serve as a guide to the world of professionals. For established designers, this is a good opportunity to promote your brand and search for potential partners for scaling up your business, said Adil Tugel, director of the Foundation for Women’s Entrepreneurship Foundation in the Central Communications Service, presenting a new project. The Women’s Entrepreneurship Support Fund is the organizer of the national fashion design competition ALTYN OIMAQ established by Atameken.

As the speaker said, the competition will be held in three stages.

At the first stage, applications are accepted and selected. It will be implemented in two periods: from March to May, and from June to September of the current year. At the second stage of the competition, 12 applicants are nominated for public online voting. The final stage will be the selection of one laureate of six winners to receive the Grand Prix of the competition, said Adila Tugel.

Applications for participation in the competition will be considered according to the following criteria: compliance of the work with the category of nomination, individuality and comfort of design, commercial perspective.

Public online voting will be carried out at in November.

According to the results of public online voting, six winners are determined the laureates of the competition, who received the most votes. The competition commission determines one winner of the Grand Prix of the ALTYN OIMAQ competition from the laureates. The first applicants for the Grand Prix of the ALTYN OIMAQ competition will be announced at the Light Industry Forum, and the winner of the design competition will be announced on December 25, the organizer informed.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan