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by January 20, 2020 Study

2019 saw 1,257 accidents occurred at the enterprises of the country injuring 1,430 people, an 8.8% decreases than in 2018 (1,568 people), including 180 fatal ones, 17.6% down compared to 2018 (220 people), the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan reports

The enterprises of the mining and metallurgical complex saw most number of occupational injuries – 244 or 17.1%, and the construction industry – 176 or 12.3%.

While, in Eastern Kazakhstan (212 injured), Karaganda (189), Pavlodar (117), Kostanay (114) and Almaty (111) regions the highest rate of occupational accidents remained.

The most common violations in labour protection included: non-provision of safe working conditions – 14.9% (353); failure to train and instruct employees – 14.3% (340); failure to provide personal and collective protective equipment, special clothing and special footwear – 10.1% (238).

Most accidents occurred due to: exposure to moving, rotating objects (199 or 13.9%); the fall of the victim from a height (171 or 11.9%); collapse, landslides, falling objects, materials (152 or 10.6%).

In 2019, the government labour inspectors conducted 9,536 inspections, reporting 2,366 violations. Employers were given 480 instructions to eliminate violations, 203 administrative fines were imposed amounting to 25.6 million tenge. 879 appeals of legal entities and individuals on safety and labor protection issues were examined, 1,276 special investigations of industrial accidents took place.

Upon government labour inspectors’ request, employers dismissed 610 officials guilty of violating safety and labor protection rules. 13 equipment, 2 production facilities and the activities of 7 organizations were suspended due to a real threat to the life and health of workers.

1,242 cases were forwarded to law enforcement agencies, criminal proceedings were opened in 207 cases of them.

Last year saw the comprehensive measures taken by government bodies and employers in the field of labour protection to keep a positive trend in reducing occupational injuries, as well as 2,187 production facilities undergoing certification in an effort to reduce the number of jobs with harmful working conditions.

14,792 production councils are in place to tackle occupational injuries, as well as conduct inspections at working workplaces.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050