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Kzt 50.6 bn mastered by BRM program in 2016

by January 5, 2017 Fun

According to the financing plan, 52.5 billion tenge was allocated for the program, including 50.6 billion tenge have been mastered. In support of private entrepreneurship 29.9 billion tenge was allocated and 100% was disbursed. For the provision of micro-credit all of the allocated 2.6 billion tenge was mastered. For the omprovement of the infrastructure 8 963.2 million tenge was mastered from the total 10 615 300 000 tenge.

Also, the program planned to create 2 183 permanent jobs for 35 small and medium business projects (SMEs), with a total investment of 566.9 billion tenge.

As part of “Business Road Map – 2020”, in 2016, 1588 projects totaling 211.1 billion tenge of loans was subsidized, and the amount of subsidies paid amounted to 22.4 billion tenge. 699 projects have received loans guarantee worth 19.4 billion tenge, the amount of guarantees amounted to 8.4 billion tenge.

More than 159,075 consultations were rendered to 81,924 customers at the center of support of businessmen on government business support programs.

Implementation of the above measures enabled participants to pay taxes in the amount of 107.9 billion tenge, to produce products worth 740 billion tenge, to preserve and create 24.4 thousand jobs.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050