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Kyrgyzstanis to be able to get medical treatment in India


The Kairymduu bol (Be mercy) Public Foundation concluded an agreement with the Indian Fortis Hospital to assist the Kyrgyz in performing operations.

Azamat Baimatov, the Foundation Director told at press conference at Kabar News Agency that the agreement will help the Kyrgyz people to solve the problem of language barriers and avoid mediators and frauds.

For example, a liver transplant costs $26,000, which includes surgery and treatment in a hospital for 21 days. And according to the agreement, the patient will not pay more. The flight is not included in this price. A special package of documents will be provided for those, who will fly through the Fund, said Aisalkyn Berenova, a member of the Foundation.

She said that the Fund was established three years ago. During this time, 50 surgeries were carried out in India, 29 of which – for liver transplantation.

Besides, with the support of the Fund, 20 houses for vulnerable groups of the population were built and 6 more are under construction.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency